Step 1

In the first step of production, we cut the fabric to match the dimensions specified by the order. During this stage we also cut the material used for the flange, welt or border depending on the cushion or pillow style being created.

Step 2

In the second step of production, we sew together these pieces to create the pillow or cushion cover. At this stage, our product is begining to take shape.

Step 3

In the final stage of production, we create the insert. When creating cushions, we cut the foam to match the desired size, and then insert it into the cover. When creating pillows, we stuff the cover with either down, down alternative or dacron. Voilà - just like that your product is ready!

Fun Fact

All items at Centro are handmade from start to finish; guaranteeing the highest level of craftmanship every step of the way.